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Klummin' it on Friday

October 29th, 2010

The Rainbow Warriors took to the homely confines of Klum Gym for practice today, a first this season.

Gib Arnold put the guys through myriad inbounding plays and had the team practice their press breaker.

Sometimes the defending five would trap point guards Hiram Thompson and Bobby Miles on the inbounds pass, putting the onus on other 'Bows to bring the ball upcourt.

Freshman forward Trevor Wiseman embraced the task. Wiseman, at 6-foot-7, was essentially a point forward at Golden Valley High in California, and he looked at home running the fast break.

"It felt great. I really don't get to do it here at practice, that was like one of the first times," Wiseman said. "It felt great to do that. This year I'm just looking to help the team out best as I can."

But when the ball's in his hands ...

"Yeah, I definitely feel confident," he said.


Tomorrow marks a week until the team's exhibition vs. Chaminade. I'll start counting down each day with a Q & A session with a UH player conducted this preseason.

7 Responses to “Klummin' it on Friday”

  1. Owen:

    Enjoy reading your updates on players, coaches and things they are working on.

  2. Ted Nakamura(rainbowbballer):

    Brian McInnis,
    Thank-you, Thank-you, Much appreciation from a UH Basket Ball fan, starving for these informative tidbits. Your comments, bring the players to life. One thing, please ask Coach Gib, not to take his novice surfers(uh bb players) to Sand Beach. The fans will not be happy if one of the players have a surf related accident, Sandy's and Makapu can be dangerous. Much mahalo for you blog!!!!

  3. Warrior Dave:

    Can't wait for the season to start!

  4. diehard fan:

    How come the UH Hawaii Athletics site doesn't have the men's roster player pictures yet ? It does show the women's. A few days ago, the Star-Advertiser print edition had an ad about Portnoy's blog, but I don't see it. Is he coming back ? Your blog is just as good, if not better as far as info about the team.

  5. jimbo:

    better off taking the boys to kailua beach or bellows, good safe body or boogy boarding at Bellows

  6. bowsfan:

    Was wondering something about redshirting, I know that Kalei Adolpho is playing volleyball and basketball starting in 2011. If she redshirts in VB does she need to redshirt BB too, to keep the eligibility together or can she play BB in 4 years and VB in 5 years. My other thinking was that it starts and ends with BB, not really sure.